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    The Brothers Unconnected at Zebulon

    February 10th, 2020

    Los Angeles, California
    February 8-9, 2020

    Alvarius B. plays live at Zebulon in Los Angeles, California on February 8, 2020.

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    The Brothers Unconnected at the Echoplex

    December 7th, 2008

    The Brothers Unconnected at the Echoplex 2008.

    Los Angeles, California
    May 25, 2008

    Malcontents, pot-stirrers, button-pushers and, oh yeah, I almost forgot, musicians the Sun City Girls spent a quarter of a century, from 1982 to 2007, defying logic, expectations, music industry rules, manners and good taste. While most bands are more than happy to jump through any hoops necessary to become famous and successful, the Sun City Girls, for the most part, did just the opposite throughout their illustrious anti-career. No major labels, no tours with huge rock stars, no big-time TV appearances, no hit singles, etc. Despite that, they’ve unleashed a tsunami of records and live shows upon the world.

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