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    Sonny Sharrock

    February 16th, 2021

    Sonny Sharrock.

    Sonny Sharrock (1940-1994) was one of the original wild jazz guitarists. After starting out with a little doo-wop singing in the late 1950s, he wanted to play sax after falling under the spell of players like John Coltrane, but couldn’t due to a bad case of asthma. So, he took up the guitar instead. In the late ’60s, inspired by the fiery horn playing of the free jazz movement, he was among the first to pepper his intricate, saxophone-like runs with angular shards of dissonance and feedback. 

Sonny recorded numerous albums throughout his life. The best early example is Black Woman, which contains such disparate elements as country blues, freeform atmospherics, avant-garde vocals and the aforementioned dissonant outbursts.

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