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    Lard Free

    May 19th, 2021

    Lard Free -v Gilbert Artman's Lard Free.

    No, you vehement vegetarians (of which I am one), we’re not talking about healthy Mexican food here. The Lard Free in question was the name of an early ’70s French experimental prog band that was almost as active as Richard Simmons. Led by drummer Gilbert Artman, they recorded three whole albums for your listening enjoyment. The first one from 1973, shockingly enough called Gilbert Artman’s Lard Free, pretty much rules the roost. “Warinobaril” kicks it off with a simple, repetitive, loping bass / drums rhythm section pleasantly overlayed with a handful of single, drawn-out sax notes that eventually get clobbered by a completely unexpected, dissonant, distorted electric guitar that stirs quite a spicy flavor into this sonic soup.

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