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    Ingram Marshall + Jim Bengston – Alcatraz + Eberbach

    October 3rd, 2014

    Ingram Marshall + Jim Bengston - Alcatraz + Eberbach

    You know how some DVDs boast a slide show as a bonus feature? Well, on this here Alcatraz + Eberbach job, the whole dang thing is a slide show! Hell, in its total running time of 48:09, there ain’t a real, honest-to-goodness movin’ image to be found anywhere! But, that’s okay, because this is some serious minimalistic ART, pal. There’s no need for a bunch of extraneous frames to clog up your brain. If you’re just looking for a regular old “video,” then head on over to YouTube, you heathen! Yeah, it’s safe to say there are a few videos on there. The rest of you well-heeled city slickers can just sit right down inside your home theater, plop this DVD into your player and enjoy the first piece, “Alcatraz,” from 1982.–Grandpa

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