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    Stefan Poetzsch – Light On

    November 13th, 2010

    Stefan Poetzsch - Light On

    Light on! Light off! Light on, light off! I’m sorry. For a minute there, I got the title of this CD confused with The Clapper. All applause aside, Light On is actually a compact disc by German composer and violinist Stefan Poetzsch. It presents two whole suites of rich, reverberant new music composed of equal parts instrumental and electronic sound processing. The title piece, for three instruments, three dancers and light installation, is broken up into seven parts that veer unpredictably from one unknown genre to the next. Spare, strange, baroque music for the 21st century, spacious John Coltrane rock, mad scientist pipe organ madness, field recordings of chirping birds and waterfalls sprinkled with light instrumental flourishes and flickering rhythms, and other indescribable sounds rummage through the rumpled up creases of your brain.

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