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    Larry Polansky – Change

    November 30th, 2016

    Larry Polansky - Change

    Three-and-a-half billion years of evolution of life on Earth have finally culminated in the ultimate collection of atoms: Larry Polansky! First appearing in the Holocene epoch within the Quarternary period of the Cenozoic era (or 1954 to be more precise), Larry is a composer, theorist, teacher, performer, programmer, writer, editor and publisher who has been working since the 1970s at places like Mills College, Dartmouth and the University of California Santa Cruz, where he is currently gainfully employed. He’s also the Emeritus Strauss Professor of Music at Dartmouth College, co-director and co-founder of Frog Peak Music (A Composer’s Collective), and was a good friend with–as well as a student of–James Tenney, not to mention a tireless promoter of the latter’s music.

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