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    Ross Bolleter – Crow Country

    April 4th, 2013

    Ross Bolleter - Crow Country

    Crow Country is a collection of crudely-rendered, avant-garde classical works spanning the years 1987-99 from the Australian composer Ross Bolleter (born 1946). “Unfinished Business” is played on a weathered, ruined piano and features a cacophony of plinks and plonks strewn about over a fat futon of thunderous tones supplied by pulling the bass (piano) strings. “I took hold of the fall to lift it. It was so rotten it came away in my hands. As I played, ants came out and journeyed in concentric circles on the front panel of the 1920s Jackson piano. I knelt to pull back the bass strings and released them—like firing off huge arrows. The piano roared and groaned…” Fans of John Cage’s prepared piano pieces may enjoy this.

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