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    Arcane Device – Noise Matrix Mantras + Modular Waves

    March 4th, 2015

    Arcane Device - Noise Matrix Mantras + Modular Waves

    First we have to deal with the big, fat elephant in the room. Although they share a word in their names, Arcane Device and Arcane Candy are completely unrelated entities. The latter is a zine about unusual music, art and travel active since 2000. The former, which mainly consists of sound projects employing “manipulated feedback processing,” is the brainkid of a New York City resident David Lee Myers. Commencing activities in 1987, the Arcane Device project buzzed and plodded along for six years until David pulled the plug on it in 1993. Now, over two decades later, the power is back on. As it says on the label’s web site, Pulsewidth, with “an enthusiasm for electronics and the world of electrons as it relates to the realm of vibration and sound, …Myers’ accidental discovery of feedback music led to a new appreciation of the unseen forces underlying audible electronics.”

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