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    Carrie Koffman – Carillon Sky

    January 3rd, 2015

    Carrie Koffman - Carillon Sky

    On her Carillon Sky CD from way back in 2011, the wild haired sax siren Carrie Koffman offers up 63 minutes worth of smooth and frilly filigree that would not sound out of place in the action sequence of an avant-garde Disney movie. Boasting eight pieces written by eight women composers–and featuring various combos of other instruments like basoon, cello, clarinet, flute, harp, harpsichord, oboe, percussion, piano, trombone, trumpet, viola and violin–the mood in these eight tracks ranges from butterflies flitting about in a flower-filled field to a family of four stuck on a rickety log flume ride careening forever through a haunted house chock-full of Boo-Berry and Count Chocula. For her next album, here’s hoping Carrie teams up with the Prism Quartet and Borbetomagus for a 73-minute cover of James Tenney’s “Saxony.” Note to producer: If it ever happens, make sure Borbeto cranks their amps up to 11!

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