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    Tom Hamilton + Mike Silverton + Al Margolis – Analogue Smoque

    April 12th, 2013

    Tom Hamilton + Mike Silverton + Al Margolis - Analogue Smoque

    Analogue Smoque is an extended work for solo narrator and electronics spread out over two CDs, 15 tracks and 100 minutes. Brandishing a robust radio voice, author and vocalist Mike Silverton smugly spews forth his wry, humorous, dada-inspired, stream-of-consciousness text. His speech is supported, on and off, by experimental musicans Al Margolis’ and Tom Hamilton’s subtle electronic sounds flitting and droning away, forming a strange, static sonic backdrop. Your enjoyment of it all will depend on how big a fan you are of spoken poetry and a kinder, gentler kind of noise.

    Label: Pogus Catalog Number: P21029-2 Format: CD Packaging: Jewel case Tracks: Disc 1: 8, Disc 2: 7 Total Time: Disc 1: 49:17, Disc 2: 52:18 Country: United States Released: 2003 More: Mike Silverton, Tom Hamilton, Al Margolis, Pogus

    Text ©2013 Arcane Candy

    Tom Hamilton – London Fix

    September 3rd, 2011

    Tom Hamilton - London Fix

    One could easily imagine the title London Fix attached to an obscure heroin-based concept album by some mid ’70s British glam rock band. Thankfully, in the case of Tom Hamilton’s London Fix, that’s definitely not the case. In fact, it’s practically a whole universe away. Subtitled “Music Changing With the Price of Gold, An Environment of Continuous Electronic Music,” it features one hour-long track teeming with nothing but layer upon layer of pleasantly percolating and droning synths. These real-world instruments were activated by “fluctuations in spot gold price charts via an electronic pitch-making system, mapping the charts to control individual pitch possibilities, range and even portamento.” Fortunately, the composer took pains to avoid any literal, linear transcriptions, yielding musical results that are far more complex, interesting and beautiful. I highly recommend London Fix for fans of Terry Riley, Francois Bayle, etc. Although it may very well be one of a tiny handful of CDs with liner notes that ask the listener to, “Please play softly,” I liked London Fix so much, I just had to crank it up to 11. Sorry, Tom.

    Label: Muse Eek Catalog Number: MSK 118 Format: CD Packaging: Digi-Pack Tracks: 1 divided into 6 sections Total Time: 59:45 Country: United States Released: 2003 More: CD Baby, Muse Eek , MySpace

    Text ©2009 Arcane Candy