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    Chad Freidrichs + Paul Fehler – Jandek on Corwood

    February 13th, 2009

    Jandek on Corwood.

    Let’s say your head has been buried deep between two pillows since 1977, and the only nutrients you’ve been given to sustain yourself are a few crumbs of bread, a glass of water and a tiny transistor radio blaring Billboard‘s Top 40. You have no idea there’s an underground, much less a king of it. For a quarter of a century–from 1978 to 2003–a mysterious recording entity called Jandek released over 30 albums of very personal, dissonant folk blues that mostly emanated from a monotonous mouth and a strangely tuned guitar.

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    Jandek at Issue Project Room

    November 29th, 2008

    Jandek at Issue Project Room, 2005.

    Brooklyn, New York
    September 7, 2005

    I saw Jandek. He is real. He wore all black with his shirt tucked into weird slacks with a hat, sort of like an odd Houston nightclub look from the ’80s, maybe even ’70s. He looked very old and way skinny, but into playing music. He kinda sounded like Jandek, luckily, and Bat Chain Puller-era Captain Beefheart with Harry Partch on vocals reading a suicide letter, and hints of Sonic Youth-isms. Jandek’s voice was kinda wavering and strange. He never spoke, except when he sang. He would just start playing and it would sound like someone starting up their car–kinda sketchy at first, then he would warm up and usually it would build and sound cool. There were a few duds, but mostly it was good. I liked the performance, but it was monotonous and fairly one-dimensional dirge. Still, it was mysterious and cool somehow.

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