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    Arcane Candy No. 2

    January 21st, 2008

    Arcane Candy No. 2

    Title: Arcane Candy
    Format: Magazine
    Issue Number: 2
    Printing / Paper: All black and white on newsprint.
    Page Count: 64
    Page Size: 8 1/2” X 10 7/8”
    Condition: New / mint.

    Description: Second issue of Southern California-based zine presenting a carefully hand-picked selection of sub-underground sound and music.


    Harry Partch—Six pages devoted to a 12-hour Harry Partch Centennial Celebration at UCLA’s Schoenberg Hall on May 26, 2001. Featuring Phillip Blackburn, Bob Gilmore, Danlee Mitchell, John Schneider & Just Strings, Jon Szanto, James Tenney and more. Illustrated with numerous exclusive photos of the concert, instruments, a glass case full of insanely rare Partch records and scores, etc.

    Keiji Haino—One page featuring reviews of seven recent-era Haino CDs, updating the massive descriptive article on his discography in Arcane Candy No. 1.

    Modern Music + PSF Records—A monstrous, 26-page, complete (up to January 2003) release-by-release survey of Japan’s wildest and strangest label of psych, garage, free-jazz, improv, noise, drone and Japanese folk music. Featuring interviews with founder Hideo Ikeezumi and longtime label associate / English language promotions man Alan Cummings.

    Don Bolles—A very lengthy 16-page acid-damaged interview with the former Germs drummer regarding his lifelong fascination with avant garde classical, electronic, electro-acoustic and psychedelic music. His involvement with rock bands The Germs, Vox Pop, 45 Grave, Celebrity Skin and Three Day Stubble are also discussed, as well as his solo electronic noise project, Kitten Sparkles. Complete with numerous chuckle-inducing photos of Don “donning” his everyday outlandish attire while holding up rare, vintage experimental music LPs.

    Jens Brand—Two pages featuring a laptop-controlled sound environment in live performance, with photos and a short bio.

    Some Recordin’s—Fifty CD reviews of electronic, electro-acoustic, psychedelic, free-jazz and other unusual music.

    Buy it now! Just PayPal $4.00 if you live in the United States and $8.00 if you live overseas to custom_floor at hotmail.com. (Replace “at” with the @ symbol and delete the spaces.) Prices include shipping.