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    Rich Jacobs – Listen With Your Eyes

    Four x Four
    Los Angeles, California
    January 7-February 25, 2005

    The friendliest person you’ll ever meet, Rich Jacobs (born 1972) is an internationally acclaimed artist who has exhibited throughout the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. He is also the curator of Move, an ongoing series of group art exhibitions that originally started as a homemade art / music ‘zine and record label in the early 1990s.

    Rich Jacobs' Dad arrives. He used to be an airline pilot. Look! It's Grant Guthrie and Tim Kerr having a little talk near the center, and Rich's Mom in the foreground. The main wall. Just kidding. All of the walls were about equal. Rich and the parental units.
    All photos enlarge.

    Inspired by graffiti, psychedelic and folk art, Rich’s raw, colorful work frequently appears on a broad range of materials such as magazines, books, CD and LP covers, footwear, apparel (including parkas, skirts and dresses), skateboards, buildings, pillows and much more. When he’s not drawing or painting, Rich enjoys spicy food, minimalism and making / listening to experimental music. A frequent flyer, he currently lives and works in San Francisco, California.

    Tim Kerr makes a valid point. I know who Hot Head is in real life, but I'm not allowed to tell. Rich, surrounded by Tim Kerr and Tim's wife. Don't stop looking.

    Face on the floor. Rich and Grant share a special moment. Ceiling by Harry Bertoia. Just kidding. Was a close-up really neccessary?

    “Listen with your eyes,” says Rich, as a possible approach to life in general. This suggestion is also the title of an art show that he assembled and put on display at the Four x Four gallery in Los Angeles in early 2005. “As the title implies, this new work begins by exploring a correlation between music and drawing or painting, but generally, I hope it will spark a dialogue regarding the interconnectedness of all forms of personal expression and how we perceive this.”–Rich Jacobs

    Please don't touch the artwork, sir. A quilt exhibition? Nope, it's still Rich's art show. The throngs arrive. A-pickin' and a-grinnin'. Well, maybe not a-grinnin'.

    Also read Rich Jacobs Interview.

    Text and photos ©2005 Arcane Candy.

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