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    Rich Jacobs – Raw Dogs

    New Image Art
    Los Angeles, California
    January 8-February 28, 2005

    Read Listen With Your Eyes first. In 2005, Rich Jacobs belched out a flurry of art shows. Raw Dogs, a group effort, was the second one. As its title suggests, the theme of this show featured rough-hewn skateboard-related art penned, penciled, photographed and sculpted by the likes of Bruce Bickyard, Ben Clark, Larry Clark, Garry Davis, Leo Fitzpatrick, Pat Graham, Rich Jacobs, Chris Johanson, Tim Kerr, Matt Leines, Mofo, Neck Face, Rambo, Rot Gut, Allison Snackenberg, Melanie Standage, Ed + Deanna Templeton, Josh Wildman, Tobin Yelland and, as they always say, “more.”

    Garry Davis art. Garry Davis' steel spring guitar and steel rod guitar. GSD skateboard decks, jackets and pants, circa 1980-1986. Justin Regan and his wife, Bethany. A brightly-attired Rich Jacobs stands out in a sea of black. Sardine can.
    Photos enlarge.

    The works in this show covered a wide span of time, from the late 1970s up to the decade we presently call home. I was a little bit too lame to shoot photos of everyone’s artwork, so please enjoy these whopping six big pics. During the opening reception, a swell-sized crowd packed the tiny New Image Art space on N. Fairfax like a can of Vienna sausages with one extra hot dog crammed in. When all was said and done, the dust settled. Also read Rich Jacobs Interview.

    Text and photos ©2005 Arcane Candy.

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