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    David Lee Myers + Marco Oppedisano – Tesla at Coney Island

    David Lee Myers + Marco Oppedisano - Tesla at Coney Island.

    On his third outing, New York City-based guitarist Marco Oppedisano teams up with David Lee Myers to produce 13 tracks of “eclectic music for electric guitar, feedback circuitry and computer distortions.” Like his first two albums, the Tesla tub is filled to the top with all manner of lush drones layered with radio static and hum, meditative picking, and flurry-filled feedback. On a few tracks, some synthetic beats show up to make your mom’s head bang underneath the traditionally shredding and wailing axes. One of the most accessible and mellow tracks, “I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon,” even brandishes some melodic acoustic guitar lines straight out of “Summer Breeze.” The disc closes out in fine fashion with plenty of Francois Bayle-like pinging and the utterance of a long list of random words.

    Label: OKS Catalog Number: OKSRNA017 Format: CD Packaging: Jewel case Tracks: 13 Total Time: 59:09 Country: United States Released: 2008 More: All About Jazz, Last.FM, MySpace, OKS, United We Tab, Wikipedia

    Text ©2010 Arcane Candy

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