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    Fushitsusha at the Empty Bottle

    Table of the Elements Festival No. 2: Yttrium
    Chicago, Illinois
    November 9, 1996

    Since 1978, Tokyo’s Fushitsusha have translated spiral galaxy hub / black hole reality into electronic sound via the most immense guitar, bass and drums storms imaginable. Their guitarist Keiji Haino has established himself as the most original, intentionally sloppy, free, loose, soul-soaring and deeply felt guitarist ever. With simple, plodding bass by Yasushi Ozawa and drums by Jun Kosugi acting as a foundation, many uncharted territories of serenity and chaos, lightness and dark were explored at the Empty Bottle through a way overloaded half stack with much true abandon and freedom.

    Telecaster close-up. Half-stack. Vocal duties. Three heads. Straight-up. Mr. Microphone. Fuzz destruction. Ghostly strumming. Tossing a serious hair salad. Dynamic trio. Pants display. Dropping the bass bombs. Neck strangler. Subtle haze. Cymbal session. Overview. Long locks. Heavy pedals. Twiddling knobs. Non-candy cane.
    Photos enlarge.

    A house packed to the gills, lungs and hot-air balloons was crowded up against the stage—only to be thoroughly spackled, beat, damped down, wrung out and pulled back for more throughout the 90-minute set. Somewhere in the middle of it all, Haino wildly taunted the drummer and bassist further on into the depths of improvland with bells, cymbals and a cane. There were more flashes goin’ off than a Hollywood movie premiere, and someone probably taped it—too bad they’re not my best friend ever. This set was part of the Table of the Elements Festival No. 2: Yttrium.

    Note: If you want to use any of these photos for anything on or off the web, please email first. Thanks!

    More: Keiji Haino + Fushitsusha

    Text and photos ©1996 Arcane Candy.

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