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    Rich Jacobs – Think That Thought a Lot

    New Image Art
    Los Angeles, California
    January 22-February 11, 2006

    Think That Thought a Lot was a three-man art show featuring the work of Rich Jacobs, Rick Froberg and Rob Leecock. Rich’s work was the main focus, as it filled all of the main gallery in the new, larger space that New Image Art had recently moved into on Santa Monica Boulevard. Rick and Rob, on the other hand, were represented by just a few works each in a small side room. Since Rick’s were displayed in glass frames, glare prevented me from taking any usable photos. But, you can view a few pics of his ink drawings, featuring people and animals in surreal situations–plus some of Rob’s, too–on the New Image Art site.

    New Image Art's new space on Santa Monica Boulevard. The wall of realistic portraits. Rich Jacobs self-portrait. The wall of realistic portraits, take two. Derek Bailey. Crowd control. Harry Partch. Art tornado. No Age. Rich Jacobs. Visual distortion. You are looking at nothing. Rich the vandal, caught in the act. All in a day's work. Frilly-dilly. Who let the green guy in?
    Photos enlarge.

    Although Rich offered up many new examples of his well-known distorted faces and abstract patterns, he surprised some with a whole wall full of more realistic-looking portraits of various and sundry real-life people–many of them musicians. This caused more than a few folks to gasp, clutch their chests, totter backward and fall to the floor in a state of cardiac arrest. Luckily, Mr. Jacobs is well-versed in the administration of CPR. (It’s not often that most artists break out of their typical style, but Rich did so in a most stellar way in this show.) Once the crisis was over, a new musical duo called No Age (whose members were formerly part of the Wives) bashed out a short set of noisy rock before everyone said their goodbyes.

    Text and photos ©2006 Arcane Candy.

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