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    Liquid Liquid at Santos Party House

    Liquid Liquid at Santos Party House, 2008.

    New York, New York
    November 19, 2008

    This show was a rare treat, even though it was in kind of a weird environment. Liquid Liquid started with no announcement right after the DJ set stopped. They didn’t miss a beat and went right into their set. As predicted, they belted into “Cavern” super casually. [In case you’re unaware, “White Lines” borrowed its famous bassline off of “Cavern.”] No announcement was made, no bad-mouthing Grandmaster Flash. In fact, very little on-stage banter was put forth, aside from some really humble and grateful thank you’s and appreciation. They were just really classic and tasteful.

    Their set was pretty much perfect, with lots of energy, and they looked like they were having fun–even though the drummer, Scott, was feeling really sick. You would have never known from watching them. They played really well, like they totally meant it. I thought it was great. Everyone in the audience looked they weren’t even born in 1980 when Liquid Liquid was originally a band.

    I also saw their other re-union at the Knitting Factory in 2003–I actually caught both sets–which were fantastic, as well. But, this time, I did not make the same mistake, and brought a camera along. Seriously, get the Liquid Liquid re-issue on Domino if you can. It’s essential listening, plus you get the bonus Liquid Idiot work with it, as well….on vinyl, at least. Also, watch out for the forthcoming DVD containing two old shows from the early 1980s.–Rich Jacobs

    Text and photo ©2008 Rich Jacobs.

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