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    Rod Poole at the Smell

    November 23rd, 2008

    Rod Poole at the Smell, circa 2002.

    North Hollywood, California, 1998
    Los Angeles, California, circa 2002

    The acoustic guitar playing of Rod Poole is among the most mesmerizing to enter human heads over the past two decades. Although he started picking in 1972 in a traditional rock / blues vein, by the time the pastel and florescent colors of the ’80s began to burn their brightest in the mainstream, Rod dove headfirst into the dimly-lit underground free-improvisation scene, largely inspired by the icon of the genre, Derek Bailey. As the next decade revved up, Rod befriended microtonal composer Kraig Grady and added several frets to his Martin acoustic guitar to employ an obscure pure tuning system known as Just Intonation, which can support many more notes per octave than the standard 12-tone scale common to Western music.

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