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    Ivo Malec – Doppio Coro, Artemisia, Triola, Cantate Pour Elle, Week-End, Luminétudes, Reflets, Dahovi, Lumina

    July 21st, 2008

    Ivo Malec - Doppio Coro

    A member of the GRM since 1960, Ivo Malec was professor of composition at The Paris Conservatoire from 1972-1990. Over the years, he has composed orchestral, instrumental, vocal, stage and electro-acoustic works, plus mixed-media efforts combining instrumental and electro-acoustic music. This 2-CD set—spanning from 1961 to 1993—is a big and impressive overview of his career. “Doppio Coro” (1993) was originally intended for organ and magnetic tape, but turned into an 18-minute solo organ affair after the tape was misplaced. It was a redeemable loss, however, as these monolithic slabs of stark, scary and dramatic organ work prove. The title “Artemisia” (1991) is “an affectionate reference to that secret, exemplary woman, Artemisia Gentileschi,” a 15th century painter and “one of the first women to have supported, through her words and her works, the recognition of an intellectual equality of the sexes.” It’s filled with bouncing concrète notes, various shimmering and spiraling electronics, abrupt echoing sounds, totally hectic chirp collages and quietly percolating electronics with occasional explosions.

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