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    Bruce Arnold + John Stowell – Sonic Infestation

    September 5th, 2011

    Bruce Arnold + John Stowell - Sonic Infestation

    Like some kind of overture to an epic krautrock adventure, the first track of this album brandishes some prime chiming acoustic guitar all a-pickin’ and a-riffin’, surrounded by strange swooshing and twittering sounds. But, on track two a few moments later, the proceedings quickly descend into a quirky, experimental sound world. That’s when you find out that the while, I mean whole album is comprised of a set of freely improvised guitar duos that have been electronically transformed post-mortem, in whole or in part, by one of the players. On most of the tracks, one guitar is left mostly intact while the other is run through the sonic cheese grater. What it all amounts to is a prickly yet atmospheric album of attention-holding guitar improv that is sure to please fans of this genre. And clocking in at just 33:49, this Sonic Infestation of your ears won’t eat up too much of your life.

    Label: Muse Eek Catalog Number: MSK 149 Format: CD Packaging: Jewel case Tracks: 11 Total Time: 33:49 Country: United States Released: 2008 More: Bruce Arnold, Muse Eek, John Stowell

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