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    MC Maguire – Saturation Velocity

    MC Maguire -  Saturation Velocity

    Not to be confused with the actor Tobey Maguire, MC Maguire “is a composer / producer who has created a very quirky post-modern hybrid that combines classical, pop, jazz, electro-acoustic, and world music traditions. He works primarily in his studio’s multi-track environment (up to 400 tracks) combining live recording, sampling, synths, exotic plugins, and digital editing possibilities. The finished product usually consists of a rigid, hierarchical, multi-layered construct, which is mathematically proportioned to reflect the philosophical / psychological thrust of each individual work’s raison d’être.”—Haro Street Music

    Living up to its title, MC Maguire’s fifth CD, Saturation Velocity, offers up two long form works (in the 21 to 28 minute range) that coalesce into a vast slurry of sound that menacingly rushes toward your house, completely saturating it with pop song snippets mixed into a sonic stew thick enough to engulf Borobudur. Featuring samples of a track by Katy Perry, “A Teenage Dream for Piano and CPU” brandishes more overtly musical elements than most previous works by this composer, as plenty of melodic lines on piano and voice can be heard popping up frequently in the din. Starring Keith Kirchoff (not to be confused with the country musician Toby Keith or the actor Boris Karloff) on piano.

    As its title would suggest, the similar “Sade auf Kashmir for Cello and CPU” meshes Sade’s “No Ordinary Love” with Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” and features Bryan Holt (not to be confused with the metal guitarist Gary Holt or a Chevy Volt) on that instrument. And to think all of this music is included on a CD so special, it’s not even listed on Discogs. Yet his other CDs—including Transmutation of Things, which is newer than Saturation Velocity—are.

    Label: Albany Records Catalog Number: TROY 1843 Format: CD Packaging: Jewel case Tracks: 2 Country: United States Released: 2020 More: Albany Records, Official

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