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    Debris – Static Disposal

    Debris - Static Disposal

    Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time! Proto art punk band Debris formed in 1975 in Chickasha, Oklahoma–of all places–and immediately splattered their dull yee-haw surroundings with buckets of “One Way Spit” and absolutely no apologies. During their blink-of-an-eye existence, which only lasted a year, they played a mere four chaotic gigs and documented their unique, improvised, experimentally-tinged brand of aggressive music on a private press LP in an edition of 1000–complete with a super rad-looking reversed out bondage photo on the cover, the likes of which were not particularly common at the time. 

After mailing out copies to rock labels and mags, Debris received a grand total of no signing offers, and, after a smattering of negative reviews, decided to throw in the towel. That’s a shame, as the band would have meshed perfectly with the New York punk and no wave scenes that were just beginning to form. Too bad they were stuck in a midwest podunk town and never received proper acclaim as one of the first ’70s punk bands!

    A bit later, after rumors of their wild LP circulated, Debris eventually got an offer to play at CBGB, but by that time it was too late, as they had–true to their name–completely reduced themselves to a pile of smoldering rubbish. A couple of years later, the bass player appropriately wound up in the mix at an early Los Angeles punk club called the Masque.

 Described by critics as an odd blend of precursors like Captain Beefheart and the Stooges, as well as contemporaries Chrome, MX-80 Sound and Pere Ubu, the Debris LP became a legendary lost album over the next three decades, highly prized by collectors. It enjoyed an expanded reissue on CD in 1999, complete with 40 minutes of additional music, photos and extensive liner notes; and vinyl reissues in 2002 and ’08. And the original band even played a reunion show in Oklahoma City in 2005, exploding the Debris cloud ever outward!

    Label: Static Disposal Catalog Number: PIG-0000 Format: LP Packaging: LP jacket Tracks: 10 Total Time: Unknown Country: United States Released: 1976 More: Discogs

    Text ©2008 Arcane Candy

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