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    Seppuku – The Awesome Houses of Earth’s Innocents

    Seppuku - The Awesome Houses of Earth’s Innocents

    On Discogs, there are surprisingly at least 13 artists called Seppuku. The tenth one, an improvising post modern classical trio from the UK, offered up exactly one CD way back in 1998, then apparently disappeared. Approprately titled The Awesome Houses of Earth’s Innocents, the album boasts 11 awesome tracks. Three of those tracks make up an opening suite called “Credo: 3 Tombes.” It all starts quietly with “Heart,” which is comprised of super spare and simple melodic figures on electric guitar and stand up bass that offers up a pleasant atmosphere of contemplative restraint. Barely there cymbal washes with long bouts of silence continue the quiet mood with “Sun,” while “Prayer” proffers a deep one-note bass riff with guitar far off in the distance. Leaving the mellow mood of “Credo” behind, “What a Cast Iron Spoon is Good For,” is what busy, skittering free improv is good for, while “Water Glass Philum” is good for a pensive guitar line over a bed of cello drones.

    “Severin” gets busy severin’ the album’s ties to all previous genres with an assortment of pretty pickin’s on the guitar. In contrast, “In the Heart of the Heart of” ventures into the very heart of the rest of the album’s modus operandi, what with its subtly snoring, deep bass riff with far off clatter emanating from the guitar and drums, while “Nil by Mouth” offers up a lil’ dissonant acoustic guitar riffing to counter “Severin.” The proceedings take a slight turn toward the normal in “Dav Opre,” as a heavy drum beat supports woozy violin and piano lines, while “Cradles” cradles your cobweb-filled cranium with homely melodies led by a cello backed up by other frenetic string scraping and free percussion workouts. The disc closes out with “Elegy #10,” which amounts to nothing more than another batch of skittering free improv, similar to “Cast Iron Spoon.” So, if you love freely improvised moody atmospheric workouts, this CD’s for you.

    Label: Spectra Sonic Sound Catalog Number: SS 06 Format: CD Packaging: Jewel case Tracks: 11 Country: United States Released: 1998 More: Discogs

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