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    Various Artists – The Frog Peak Collaborations Project

    Various Artists - The Frog Peak Collaborations Project

    The Frog Peak Collaborations Project is a 2-CD compilation of experimental sound put together by Larry Polansky back in 1997 containing 115 pieces, each one minute long, by 62 composers. All of these micro compositions were realized using only a single sound file containing abstract poetry on the subject of collaboration as written and spoken by Australian composer, poet and performer Chris Mann. “The sound file was distributed freely worldwide over the Internet. The resulting compositions were mailed from participating composers from all over the world to Frog Peak Music for the compilation. It is an astonishing set of one-minute variations that explore a universe of artistic and technical ideas.”–Frog Peak

    Some of the composers chopped up and garbled the spoken words–as well as speeding them up like a chipmunk and slowing them down like Satan–while others somehow transformed them into bursts of electronic noise or, conversely, shimmering minimal drones or even the meow of kitten. Sometimes, the voice speaking the text is audible in the mix, other times not. A few composers somehow even used the voice to fashion a cloud of deep, reverberating ambience, while even fewer built up any semblance of rhythm. All told, this is a really good and interesting collection of brief sound works for fans of experimental spoken word and noise. Unfortunately, the whole shebang comes housed in the much hated double jewel case, which is 100% guaranteed to take up twice as much space on your shelf as it needs to.

    Label: Frog Peak Music Catalog Number: FP007 Format: 2-CD Packaging: Double jewel case Tracks: CD 1 – 55, CD 2 – 60 Country: United States Released: 1998 More: Discogs, Frog Peak Music

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