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    All These Colors Tour: India Part 11

    Monday, September 24, 2012
    Kolkata, India

    Dinner at Punj-Aab in Kolkata, India.

    I woke up today still feeling the fatigue and occasional gut ache of diarrhea. I really wanted to just stay inside to rest and take naps, but a person has to eat. Unfortunately, there are no cheap places to eat down by the Sunflower Guest House, so I had to walk a half mile North up the commotion-filled Free School Street to Subway, where I got a veggie sandwich, which was a nice little reminder of home. As I crossed the street toward the shop, a man coasted toward me on a bicycle sporting an unbelievably huge, sphere-shaped mound of empty plastic water bottles all tied together. I’ll bet it was at least six feet in diameter.

    The bottles almost completely consumed him–only his face and the front of his body were visible. He also had a smaller mound of them fastened over and around his front wheel. Completely delighted, I stared and smiled at Bottle Man as he rode by and disappeared around a corner. I knew I should have brought my camera, but I don’t think I could have whipped it out in time, as the situation came and went in an instant. For dinner, I tried out some tandoori bharwan aloo at a new-to-me place called Punj-Aab, another really swank eatery with slightly lower prices. It was good, but kind of dry. They should serve that dish with some spicy sauce.

    Roll over photos for captions.
    Words and photos ©2012 Arcane Candy.

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