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    Tropical Heat Tour: Myanmar Part 10

    Sunday, September 2, 2012
    Mandalay, Myanmar

    A rubber stamp store--just like the Scotch Tape store on Saturday Night Live--in Mandalay, Myanmar.

    An entrance to a big market in Mandalay, Myanmar.

    Buddhist monks on parade in Mandalay, Myanmar.

    Something tells me this is not an authentic Apple store in Mandalay, Myanmar.

    I rented a bicycle from Mann’s Chinese restaurant for the princely sum of $1.25 for the whole day. The bikes in Myanmar have pretty bad geometry, kind of like a beach cruiser, so it’s hard to put a lot of torque on the pedals, making taking off from a standstill really slow, and pedaling really inefficient. Plus, they only have one gear, so any kind of real momentum will elude you. After another late lunch at Marie Min’s, I headed out into the sweltering sun and its best friend, heat, for a photo session around the Southwest part of town. I snapped a few funny storefronts, then headed away from all of the chaotic traffic into a tranquil Buddhist enclave, where I captured a few odd pagodas and other assorted strange statuary. As I pedaled back North to return the bike, darkness fell, making navigating the many large intersections without traffic lights a harrowing experience. Basically, everyone slows down and weaves around each other. You have to constantly swivel your head back and forth, and put a lot of trust in other drivers and hope they won’t make a lame move. If they do, you’re toast.

    Life is but a dream in Mandalay, Myanmar.

    A golden Buddhist pagoda glints in the setting sunlight in Mandalay, Myanmar.

    I found the Love Shack! It's in Mandalay, Myanmar.

    I'll bet you didn't know Big Bird now lives in Southeast Asia--Mandalay, Myanmar to be exact.

    Roll over photos for captions.
    Words and photos ©2012 Arcane Candy.

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