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    Benjamin Broening – Recombinant Nocturnes

    Benjamin Broening - Recombinant Nocturnes

    Lately, I’ve ben jammin’ with Benjamin. Well, not actually jammin’, but more like spelunking with his CD, Recombinant Nocturnes, which sends me floating through the middle of the night on a pissed mist hovering over a subterranean river of molasses. Scored for solo and duo piano and a couple of tracks with very subtle electronics, the Nocturnes live up to their name and lay down in front of the refrigerator for a long winter’s nap. These off-kilter tinkles, rumbling outbursts and lone pensive chords form a gorgeous journey through the graveyard shift. The closing track, which is especially doom-filled and oppressive, sounds like it was lifted straight out of some forlorn scene from the X-Files. This album would fit right in on the Cold Blue label.

    Label: Innova Catalog Number: innova 784 Format: CD Packaging: Digi-Pak Tracks: 13 Total Time: 62:37 Country: United States Released: 2011 More: Amazon, University of Richmond

    Text ©2012 Arcane Candy

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