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    GéNIA + John Richards – Suite for Piano and Electronics

    GéNIA + John Richards - Suite for Piano and Electronics

    GéNIA (born 1972) is a Russian “concert pianist, educator and producer. Known for her contemporary and classical music concerts as well as commercial multimedia events.” John Richards (born 1966) is a British electronic music composer who has been working since the 1990s. Their Suite for Piano and Electronics is comprised of two short pieces that are a pleasure-inducing exercise in sublime subtlety. Punching in at just 5:22, the “Prelude” does its best imitation of a Qualude by setting aloft a slowly circling mist full of super sparse, minor note-littered piano playing and quiet, chattering electronics. The nearly 11 minute long “No. 2.” gently belts out a rumbling piano cloud that suddenly segues into rippling arpeggios that will tickle your midnight atmospheric fancy just fine.

    The rest of the album is surprisingly made up of remixes by various electronic artists* featuring cut-up and transformed snippets of the first two tracks assembled into rhythmic workouts worthy of some gentle head banging and maybe even occasionally the dance floor (almost); while others offer up a beatless, ambient approach. At times cold, alien, sleepy, drunk, woozy, happy and confusing, this album will definitely pull the wool over your eyes and lull you to sleep at that perfect moment in the after hours.

    *Germ, Vex’d, The Early Man, Trevor Goodchilde, Gabriel Prokofiev, Derailer, Max de Wardener, Kreepa

    Label: NONCLASSICAL Catalog Number: NONCLSS002 Format: CD Packaging: Jewel case Tracks: 11 Total Time: 54:12 Country: United States Released: 2007 More: Amazon, Dirty Electronics, GéNIA, Forced Exposure, John Richards

    Text ©2011 Arcane Candy

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