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    Tropical Punch Tour: Thailand Part 33

    Monday, August 30, 2010
    Bangkok, Thailand

    Wat Bowoniwes in Banglamphu, Bangkok, Thailand.

    A novice Buddhist monk and a dragon guard the entrance to Wat Bowoniwes in Banglamphu, Bangkok, Thailand.

    After another afternoon full of rest and relaxation, also known as sleeping and goofing off, I took a leisurely evening stroll up into the North part of Banglamphu, where I hadn’t spent too much time before. Hordes of humans, who were actually clones of me, gathered to watch the setting sun glint off of the chedi at Wat Bowoniwes. This temple also featured a large Buddha image surrounded by three other even bigger ones lurking in the shadows.

    Hey, look! I took a pho to of Luang Pho To at Wat Intharavihan in Banglamphu, Bangkok, Thailand.

    Another mouthwatering meal at May Kaidee's in Banglamphu, Bangkok, Thailand.

    Next on the agenda was Wat Intharavihan, home of the tallest Buddha yet witnessed by my eyeballs. Breaking the yardstick at around 100 feet tall, this funky, lanky thing brings new meaning to the phrase “neighborhood watch.” Appropriately dubbed Luang Pho To, you can bet your last dollar that I snapped a pho to or two of it.

    A dirty fuzz rocker near Thanon Khao San in Banglamphu, Bangkok, Thailand.

    The highlight of the day arrived unexpectedly down near Thanon Khao San, where I happened upon a street musician in the form of a toothless old Thai guy riffing on a beat-up electric guitar plugged into a decrepit amp housed in a baby stroller. His guitar sounded like a peach–all dirty and fuzzy–accented by an occasional high-pitched Thai yelp. I was so stoked–especially because he didn’t cough up any corny classic rock covers that are so common in this area.

    Roll over photos for captions.
    All words and photos ©2010 Arcane Candy.

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