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    Tropical Punch Tour: Singapore Part 6

    Sunday, June 27, 2010
    Lau Pa Sat, Singapore

    The Financial District looms in downtown Singapore.

    A standard hawker food cart at Lau Pa Sat, Singapore.

    My meal from Sri Sagar Vegetarian at Lau Pa Sat, Singapore.

    The starship Enterprise? Nope, it's a solar powered cool-off station on the walkway around Marina Bay, Singapore.

    After the past several activity-filled days, I rested for most of the afternoon. I took my own sweet time performing morning chores and extended them into the afternoon, then did the web thing for a spell. An hour before sunset, I rode a subway down to Lau Pa Sat, a century old food hawker center, and bought a plate of spicy veggies and rice. Then I took a stroll around the Marina Bay area, which offers some hella impressive views of the downtown skyline–especially at night. Those massive skyscrapers really loom over you!

    Baby got back! The Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

    Some frilly art in the Marina Bay Sands lobby in Singapore.

    The Helix Bridge at Marina Bay in Singapore.

    A psychedelic walkway at Marina Bay, Singapore.

    A family enjoys the Magical Lysergic Stepping Stones of Transformation at Marina Bay in Singapore.

    I walked inside the lobby of the Marina Bay Sands to see how much it would cost to ascend to the observation deck, but $15 for an elevator ride was way past my $3o per day budget. Instead, across the river, I found a set of magical, colorful stepping stones that lit up like a Christmas tree, and walking across them was free! Yippee! Then I shot some photos of the Helix Bridge and headed back to my room. I forgot to mention that due to a misunderstanding about my reservations, I had to leave the Inn Crowd on Saturday, and got another dorm bed a half block away at the Prince of Wales. It’s a similar place, but there’s a bar downstairs instead of a chill out room.

    Roll over photos for captions.
    All words and photos ©2010 Arcane Candy.

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