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    Tropical Punch Tour: Singapore Part 4

    Friday, June 25, 2010
    Fort Canning and Clarke Quay, Singapore

    A trio of wood sculptures in Fort Canning, Singapore.

    An art show in the Black Box at Fort Canning, Singapore.

    An assemblage of twigs in the Black Box at Fort Canning, Singapore.

    This day was absolutely full of delightful surprises for my eyes and ears. A few minutes after I walked outside, an old lady in her 60s bummed some change off of me and we chatted for a while. She recommended that I explore Fort Canning, and since it was just a short walk down the road, that’s exactly what I did. It’s basically a big park on one of Singapore’s few hills that contains some relics from its time as a military installation, plus a nature walk through some botanical gardens, lots of big exotic trees, and a main building that houses various businesses and art galleries. I saw one art show there featuring wooden sculpture that took place in two small rooms, one painted all white called the White Studio; and the Black Box, a jet black room with a few rows of seats stacked up theatre-style in the back. It wouldn’t be very difficult at all to imagine Keiji Haino putting on a performance in that space.

    An amazing fern-covered tree in Fort Canning, Singapore.

    Mr. Lighthouse and his buddy Mr. Tower hang out together in Fort Canning, Singapore.

    Frogs croak up a big drone down inside a drainage culvert in Fort Canning, Singapore.

    Next, I strolled through the Spice Garden botanical gardens, and as I arrived on the other side of Fort Canning at dusk, I was greeted by a rad old lighthouse and an amazing three-layer burrito of sound that consisted of a kid playing an acoustic guitar accompanied by a bunch of cicadas chirping and frogs croaking. The latter bellowed a seriously mesmerizing, staggered drone from deep down inside a drainage culvert. It sounded so much better than most music made by humans, I wanted to record it so bad! I sat on the ground and listened to it closely for quite a while.

    Entering Clarke Quay, Singapore.

    A radio-controlled kite at Clarke Quay, Singapore.

    A line-up of radio-controlled kites at Clarke Quay, Singapore.

    A trio of radio-controlled kites at Clarke Quay, Singapore.

    As I walked down a lighted brick walkway and exited Fort Canning, I came upon Clarke Quay, a popular area for dining and drinking. There, I watched people get hucked a couple of hundred feet straight up into the air on a gigantic reverse bungie sling and others get hoisted straight up to the same height and get suddenly dropped on a giant pendulum swing. The day’s final piece of eye candy came in the form of a bunch of radio-controlled kites adorned with really bright, colorful lights that flitted, swooped, banked and looped in the most unnatural, un-aerodynamic way, it looked quite astonishing. Yeah, today really was was filled with a bunch of rad, random, unexpected stuff. Awesome possum.

    A busy night on the subway in Singapore.

    Roll over photos for captions.
    All words and photos ©2010 Arcane Candy.

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