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    Robert Paredes – Forgetting And Remembering

    Robert Paredes - Forgetting And Remembering

    “Robert Paredes (1948-2005) was a composer, multi-woodwind performer, writer and visual artist. He taught electronic music, composition and experimental performance at The University of Iowa, where he received both the MA and Ph.D degrees in composition, studying principally with Kenneth Gaburo.”

    Forgetting And Remembering is a really nice experimental classical / electronic effort featuring two half-hour pieces of prime evening soak—perfect for when you’re floating solo for the duration. The title piece (1986) contains seven tracks of solo clarinet–each one played on a different day without ever listening to the other tracks–and could easily zone a whole new kind of abandoned parking lot deep into the middle of your mind. Needless to say, it’s loose and playful, yet fully star-staring all at once.

    “#17 (Speakers) [In Every Moment{Of] Decay}” (1992-93) is the highlight here and contains classic-sounding, slowly-building patterns of foul weather “tape music made in the old style from analog electronics, clarinet, tenor sax, kalimba and assorted noise makers…” All manner of crackle ’n’ hum, deep tones, distortion and corrosion gets splattered all over these dark sonic areas. It starts and ends very quietly, dim and austere with a great section of peak noise density in the middle. This is a really finely-constructed piece of electronic music and any fan of the genre is highly advised to hear it.

    Label: Innova Catalog Number: 528 Format: CD Packaging: Jewel case Tracks: 2 Total Time: 62:48 Country: United States Released: 1999 More: Discogs, Last FM, Official

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