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    Fushitsusha at Spaceland

    Los Angeles, California
    November 13, 1999

    About a hundred or so people schlepped out on this night for a few opening bands at Spaceland. A small, die-hard crowd of around 50 hung around for Earth’s finest, who played last. Two or three guys even videotaped and mini-disked the event. It doesn’t take long to figure it out: Fushitsusha simply makes all other guitar music sound silly. The three members walked on stage and—after a quick nod from Haino-san—proved this by plunging straight away into the deepest ashen region of your subconscious:

    An assortment of backs. Long shot. Communication build-up. Some velvet outfit. Drumstick. Arcane Candy No. 1 cover shot. Yasushi Ozawa. Heavy pedals.
    Photos enlarge.

    smashing handfuls of saltine crackers into your face one moment—only to send you careening down vast, abstract caverns the next. Other veers might find you hurtling skyward on one of Haino’s wail launches, or simply lying numb in a field of tense static. Any way you slice it, it’s just a journey to the center of… They didn’t really play any recognizable songs, of course, except a way different version of the last track off of Live II—delivered here tonight in a most deliriously scattered and pleasing manner. Stun me.

    Note: If you want to use any of these photos for anything on or off the web, please email first. Thanks!

    More: Keiji Haino + Fushitsusha

    Text and photos ©1999 Arcane Candy.

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