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    Attilio Mineo – Man In Space With Sounds

    Attilio Mineo - Man In Space With Sounds

    This is a reissue of an old LP originally released at the 1962 Seattle State World’s Fair. The music for Man In Space With Sounds was composed in 1951, recorded in 1959 and finally, in 1962, piped into a ride at the Fair called The Bubbleator: a 150-capacity, clear, plastic sphere that ushered visitors through The World of Tomorrow exhibit—“a maze of cubes containing pictures of the hope and havoc of space and the atom.” Two versions of the album existed–both of which are included here–one with just music and the other with classic, corny spoken introductions to each track: “Stand by for surprises! Here in the Science Pavillion are dazzling demonstrations of what tomorrow’s science holds in store—the dramatic facts about coming breakthroughs in space exploration, custom-made weather and man’s triumph over disease!”

    All of this is from back in the innocent days of long ago when official forecasters, futurists and Disney alike promised that we’d soon be dwelling in glistening white utopias with hovercrafts and monorails flying around–not to mention vacations on the moon. On the album, all kinds of beeping, whistling, crashing and echoing electronics are scattered perfectly over really syrupy, Disney movie-like instrumental music. Excellent. This CD reissue was sorely needed, comes highly recommended and is really super fun to listen to. It was also briefly available as an LP reissue in a limited-edition of 500 copies from the Spanish label Wah-Wah Records.

    Label: Subliminal Sounds Catalog Number: SUBCD 4 Format: CD Packaging: Jewel case Tracks: 24 Total Time: 61:00 Country: Sweden Released: 1998 Related Artists: Louis and Bebe Barron, Raymond Scott More Last.FM, Space Age Pop

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