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    Francois Bayle – Toupie Dans le Ciel

    Francois Bayle - Toupie Dans le Ciel

    This is a CD-EP re-issue of a track from Volume 1 called “Toupie Dans le Ciel” (1979), which is my favorite piece ever by this composer. Pleasantly washing and pinging electronics shiver loosely over a slowly charring, low-pitched rhythmic pulse for the most ecstatically head-napping music ever to caress a pillow. It’s interupted occasionally by some astonishing, downwardly circling aluminum reverberations.

    Label: Magison Cycle Bayle Volume 16 Catalog Number: MG CB e102 Format: CD Packaging: Digi-Pak Tracks: 1 Total Time: 21:00 Country: France Released: 2002 Related Artists: Luc Ferrari, Bernard Parmegiani, Pierre Schaeffer More: Electro CD, Forced Exposure, Official, Wikipedia

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