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    Francois Bayle – Fabulae

    Francois Bayle - Fabulae

    Volume 4 jumps forward two decades with four shorter compositions (in the 10 to 16-minute range) from 1990-92. “Fabula” contains some of the composer’s most lightweight images to date—vaguely as if some new age sound sources have gone hideously awry with low-end rumbles and disruptive outbursts. Bubbling water, organ and even some recognizable(!) classical guitar lines chase each other around within the folds of “Onoma.” Occasional fields of percussion, children’s voices and other transformed sounds then finally climax to “a polyphony of impacts—a broad, sparkling, iridescent fabric, such as are often to be found in François Bayle’s works.”

    “‘Nota’ is like a great symphonic organ—remember the 19th century organ that wanted to become an orchestra—but each key is associated with a different periodicity, each note a world in itself. Music makes games of illusion possible: the infinitely small and the infinitely large can be identified at the same moment. As if the listener had, at the same time, a microscope and a telescope to examine and contemplate the life of the sounds.”

    “From ‘Nota’ onward, the naive nature of the Fabulae has become less clear. Yet in ‘Sonora’ we once again find an organ motif which punctuates and marks out the whole piece—a motif in descending runs which slows itself down. This motif recurs five times—each time more solemn and deeper in the musical and psychological sense, each time more restrained. The five refrains are interrupted by couplets: the guitar returns once and in the middle of the piece a break (a nursery rhyme played on an imaginary xylophone whose bars are horse’s hooves) interrupts the flow of the narrative. The end of the piece is no longer bathed in naivety. Wisdom has become somber, the tone serious. A long chord with duplications on the octaves brings the fable to a close with iridescent rending toward the high notes. All is said.”—François Bayle

    Label: Magison Cycle Bayle Volume 4 Catalog Number: MG CB 0498 Format: CD Packaging: Jewel case Tracks: 15 Total Time: 56:45 Country: France Released: 1993 Related Artists: Luc Ferrari, Bernard Parmegiani, Pierre Schaeffer More: Electro CD, Forced Exposure, Official, Wikipedia

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