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    Francois Bayle + Bernard Parmegiani – Divine Comedie

    Francois Bayle + Bernard Parmegiani - Divine Comedie

    This is a collaborative 2-CD set with Bernard Parmegiani on one disc and François Bayle on the other. The effort here is to shove Dante’s work into your noggin via electro-acoustic means. Parm’s side is heavily laden with spoken French text (which tends to kind of bum out my day) while Bayle’s is less so. This is the only François Bayle CD I haven’t shelled out for yet, but maybe soon. (Translation: Probably never, as it’s been out of print for many years.)

    Label: Magison Cycle Bayle Volume 7 Catalog Number: MG CB 0795 Format: 2-CD Packaging: Double jewel case Tracks: CD 1: 9, CD 2: 11 Total Time: CD 1: 61:20, CD 2: 71:28 Country: France Released: 1995 Related Artists: Luc Ferrari, Bernard Parmegiani, Pierre Schaeffer More: Electro CD, Forced Exposure, Official, Wikipedia

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