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    Keiji Haino + Michihiro Sato – Tayutayuto Tadayoitamae Kono Furue

    After hearing Michihiro Sato’s first PSF CD, Works Of, way back in the mid-’90s, I had always hoped he would one day collaborate with Keiji Haino. In 2004, that day finally arrived when this CD was released. Sato is a virtuoso on the Tsugaru jamisen–a traditional, three-string Japanese instrument–and Haino is, well, nothing but Haino, as always. In this session, Sato furiously plucks away on his instrument’s three Sahara-dry strings, forming an aural bed of ornate intricacy for Haino to overlay his abstract and violent acoustic guitar strums. It’s also pretty nice when Haino’s sloppy brand of improvisation occasionally influences Sato to stray from his traditional style into looser territory. And both players even actually mirror each other’s riffs once in a while, forming a few brief moments of almost conventional-sounding strummery. What this album as a whole amounts to, then, is a mighty tasty acoustic burrito for the ears. Highly recommended for fans of non-electrified yet oddly transporting string pluck ‘n’ torture.

    Label: PSF Catalog Number: PSFD-8018 Format: CD Packaging: Jewel case Tracks: 7 Total Time: 48:37 Country: Japan Released: 2004 Related Artists: Fushitsusha More: Forced Exposure, Official, Poison Pie, Wikipedia

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