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    Keiji Haino – C’est Parfait

    Keiji Haino - C’est Parfait

    Although the liner notes reveal that this is a live recording “with vocals and rhythm machine,” it totally sounds overdubbed. Released by French label Turtles’ Dream in 2002, the entirety of C’est Parfait is comprised of one long 45-minute track full of numerous Hainos cooing, moaning and screaming simultaneously, accompanied by scattered hailstorms of “drums” and “percussion” heavily effected with echo, delay, reverb and other manipulations, and no normal rhythm. I still think it’s a little strange to hear so many layers of Haino all raging at once. While overdubs are a rarity in his early discography, it seems like he’s been practicing quite a bit more aural lamination in a live setting with effects units in recent years. No matter what apparoach he uses, though, the unmistakable and unique Haino aura remains.

    So, what does it sound like? This album alternates quite effortlessly between room-clearing shrieks and explosive, spluttering percussive onslaughts to mist-cloaked areas of spooky quietude. Basically, it’s another great big barrage of invigorating eardrum workout from the ever-uncompromising black-clad elf. Lastly, there’s an extended rant in the liner notes about how Haino is actually more deserving of acclaim as a singer and multi-instrumentalist rather than a guitar hero. I’ve always thought of him as all three–and so much more.

    Label: Turtles Dream Catalog Number: TDCD-01 Format: CD Packaging: Jewel case Tracks: 1 Total Time: 44:41 Country: France Released: 2003 Related Artists: Aihiyo, Fushitsusha, Lost Aaraaff, Nijiumu, Sanhedolin, Vajra More: Forced Exposure, Poison Pie, PSF, Wikipedia

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