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    Keiji Haino – Hong Kong Cafe

    I know the little bird who put this out, but I can’t really say who it is. (I sure didn’t have anything to do with it.) This one-hour video tape documents Keiji Haino performing live at the Hong Kong Cafe in Los Angeles on May 12, 1994 with just voice, guitar, effects pedals and two Marshall full stacks. In near total darkness, Haino shifts back and forth many times between full-bore feedback boilers and plaintive, floating, graveyard walks. A little light thrown on the subject would’ve been nice—at first you can barely make out a silhouette meandering about, but the situation is illuminated a slight bit more as the tape spools on. Especially nice moments occur during the frequent 35mm camera flashes wherein Haino’s full-body-flailing workouts are fleetingly captured. The xeroxed cover pilfers the Affection CD photo on the front, plus the back cover photo from the Execration That Accept To Acknowledge CD on the other side.

    Label: (Bootleg) Catalog Number: None Format: VHS Packaging: Plastic VHS case Tracks: 1 Total Time: 60:00 Country: United States Released: 1995 Related Artists: Fushitsusha More: Forced Exposure, Official, Poison Pie, PSF, Wikipedia

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