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    Pierre Jodlowski + Alexandre Babel – White Zero Corp

    November 14th, 2022

    Pierre Jodlowski + Alexandre Babel - White Zero Corp

    I’m not sure if White Zero Corp is the artist name on this CD or just the title, as it’s listed different ways on various web sites. Nevertheless, rest assured it is a musical project by two lads over in Poland named Pierre Jodlowski and Alexandre Babel. What they have on offer to your ear drums is heavy instrumental math metal interspersed with quiet interludes full of experimental ambient textures. When they rock out, they do so by way of odd, disjointed rhythms and tempo changes not unlike the Japanese band Ruins. The complete absence of tough guy Cookie Monster vocals—or any other kinds of singing for that matter—is a huge plus. Another thing other than the title that fooled me until I read the liner notes is that the instrument that sounds like a distorted guitar is actually a bass! Packaged in a DVD-sized Digi-Pak with a booklet of artwork depicting surreal nature scenes, this CD is highly recommended for fans of metal, math rock, ambient and experimental.

    Label: éOle Records Catalog Number: éOr_017 Format: CD Packaging: DVD-sized Digi-Pak Tracks: 12 Country: France Released: 2019 More: Clic Musique, Pierre Jodlowski

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