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    Tristan Perich – Parallels

    May 9th, 2015

    Tristan Perich - Parallels

    You’ve heard of a two-bit punk. Maybe you know one. Hell, maybe you even are one! Well, if you think you’re bad ass, here we have a whole bunch of one-bit tones via custom-built electronics spread out into four channels with tuned triangles and hi-hats thrown in for good measure–all performed by the Meehan / Perkins Duo. Human / machine duets are what’s on the menu. “Inspired by the aesthetic simplicity of math, physics and code,” this music is relentlessly rhythmic and dense with clusters of notes flitting by in rapid succession. You might think of Parallels as ping-pong music in the vein of Terry Riley’s “In C.” “Suffering” from a dearth of low end, it’s all treble all the time, with an occasional shift in riffs thrown in to startle the listener out of his or her trance. The CD includes one 46-minute track of this blissful, tinkling minimalism. Too bad Tristan didn’t fill up the whole disc while he was at it. The over-sized paperboard package includes a fold-out poster-sized print of the score.

    Label: Physical Editions Catalog Number: N/A Format: CD Packaging: Oversized cardstock cover Tracks: 1 Total Time: 46:00 Country: United States Released: 2015 More: Official, Physical Editions, Vimeo, YouTube

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