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    Jim O’Rourke + Oval + The Electric Company + Creedle at The Casbah

    September 20th, 2008

    Oval, live at Spaceland, 1998.
    Markus Popp of Oval and Jim O’Rourke at Spaceland, Los Angeles, California, 1998. Photos by Rich Jacobs.

    San Diego, California
    Friday, May 29, 1998

    It was odd enough that a rock band, Creedle, appeared on a bill with three electronic artists; and even stranger that they played at a rock club like the Casbah. The Electric Company is Brad Laner from Medicine. His stack of rack mounts and mini-disc player was topped off by a little mixing deck, which he tweaked and twiddled for some pretty messed-up results. Disjointed beats, loops, rhythms and samples appeared and disappeared like a dance club invaded by a swarm of floods and Earthquakes. Brad seemed pretty into it for a guy standing solo behind a miniature skyscraper of technology.

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