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    Ouba – Freak Out Total

    May 1st, 2020

    Ouba - Freak Out Total Back in the sweltering summer of 1968, a gaggle of Montreal rock musicians gathered in a local recording studio for a grand total of a half hour to lay down some tracks. Although that was surely a common occurrence back in those days, what ended up going down during this particular outing was merely one of the most loose and spirited improvised rock jams of the decade. Over a wildly slashing guitar, bobbing keyboards, and peppy, percolating drums and percussion, everyone involved speaks, shouts, and screams the word “Ouba” over and over in myriad ways, unintentionally bestowing a name upon the ephemeral outfit. Then they stop on a dime–maybe even a penny–and effortlessly ascend through a swirling, dissonant cloud, only to swing back into the goodtime jam without warning.

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