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    Modify – Transformational Variances

    January 16th, 2019

    Modify - Transformational Variances

    Modify is one of several musical projects operated by Minnesota’s Dean Berlinerblau; Modify’s debut album, Transformational Variances, also enjoys the distinction of being the first release on the newly-minted Æther Tapes label, which specializes in ambient music. Opening the album, the first track, “The Obscurantist,” builds layers of corroded drones that could almost rival the massive ambience proffered by Wolfgang Voigt’s GAS. Flowing seamlessly into the short “Informational Conformity,” the maelstrom adds a slow metal guitar riff in “Reactive Whirlwind,” with synth flourishes buried within the aural detritus. In “Energy Toward a Working State of Growth,” a quiet, relaxed atmosphere opens up with a simple, gently strummed guitar chord accompanied by the breathing of a reptile, while another mountain range of scuzz gradually fades in and takes over as a ponderous bass riff underpins it all. Then the gentle opening theme suddenly re-appears. Next up, “Network (Order)” and “Network (Chaos)” add more outsized noise, while “Autopilot” quiets back down to offer up some gentle, contemplative ambience for the perfect respite.

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