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    Michael Mizrahi – The Bright Motion

    January 21st, 2013

    Michael Mizrahi - The Bright Motion

    Michael Mizrahi is Assistant Professor of Piano at Lawrence University and a founding member of chamber music outfit The NOW Ensemble. His first CD, The Bright Motion, released in 2012, consists solely of solo piano music that takes a nod to the repertoire of past centuries, yet embraces new works written by young composers in the present. It’s a variety pack that packs quite a punch with its many approaches, settings and moods. Patrick Burke’s “Unravel” takes a simple, contemplative, three-note riff on a journey into a pristine sonic space and unravels it into all sortsa complex permutations that are at once lyrically flighty and dissonantly grounded. William Britelle’s “Computer Wave” adds and subtracts a short catchy rhythm while brandishing an upbeat complexity that, true to its name, sounds like it was composed with the help of a 1960s computer punchcard. Mark Danciger’s “The Bright Motion” is an imaginary ballet made up of gentle trills shot through with deep rumbles.

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