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    Kennelmus – Folkstone Prism

    September 17th, 2020

    Kennelmus - Folkstone Prism

    Hailing from the sun-pummeled desert of Phoenix, Arizona, Kennelmus was a local rock band who were notable for belting out an unlikely–and pretty tweaked–combination of psychedelic and surf, and for operating in the same time (the late 1960s and early ’70s) and place as the original Alice Cooper group. While the Coopers, of course, went on to worldwide fame and fortune with a clever songbook that alternated between teen angst and the macabre, and a pioneering violent theatrical stage show featuring Alice’s death sentence carried out nightly on the gallows and guillotine, Kennelmus were content to slog it out in the regional trenches, gigging just for fun, a little money…and girls’ phone numbers. Starting out playing British invasion top 40 covers as the Shi-Reeves, the band quickly grew tired of that schtick and decided the time was ripe for a little creativity. So, they renamed themselves Kennelmus after bandleader Ken Walker’s real name, and wrote a rock opera of sorts called Folkstone Prism loosely based on the band’s life story.

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