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    Janus – I Am Not

    February 18th, 2011

    Janus - I Am Not

    I am not going to begin this review with the sentence, “I am not going to begin this review with the sentence.” Oops, I just did–twice. I am not even going to tell you who Janus is. Just kidding. Janus was a “Roman god of gates, doors, doorways, beginnings, endings and time, whose double-faced image peers into the past and future,” and who was recently reincarnated as a new music power (outage) trio consisting of Amanda Baker on flute, percussion and vocals; Beth Meyers on viola, banjo, percussion, and vocals; and Nuiko Wadden on harp and percussion. I am not sure if they formed in 2002 to foster new works for the flute, harp and viola trio, but that’s what a large, flightless, carnivorous bird of prehistory called Phororhacos just chirped into my ear. I am not going to try to describe Janus’ debut album, I Am Not, because it’s so indescribable, I am not able to. Just kidding. “i” kicks it all off with Nuiko a-pickin’ and a-grinnin’ on a melodic harp line while Amanda attacks her flute with a round of heavy breathing and the girls all take turns speaking variations on a theme of the album title, such as, “I am not bored,” “I am not stupid,” “I am not old,” “I am not short,” and “I am not nice.” I am not sure what it all means, but it doesn’t matter, because I am not a stickler for finding meaning in every little thing.

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