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    Ingram Marshall + Jim Bengston – Alcatraz + Eberbach

    October 3rd, 2014

    Ingram Marshall + Jim Bengston - Alcatraz + Eberbach

    You know how some DVDs boast a slide show as a bonus feature? Well, on this here Alcatraz + Eberbach job, the whole dang thing is a slide show! Hell, in its total running time of 48:09, there ain’t a real, honest-to-goodness movin’ image to be found anywhere! But, that’s okay, because this is some serious minimalistic ART, pal. There’s no need for a bunch of extraneous frames to clog up your brain. If you’re just looking for a regular old “video,” then head on over to YouTube, you heathen! Yeah, it’s safe to say there are a few videos on there. The rest of you well-heeled city slickers can just sit right down inside your home theater, plop this DVD into your player and enjoy the first piece, “Alcatraz,” from 1982.–Grandpa

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    Ingram Marshall – Ikon and Other Early Works

    February 28th, 2010

    Ikon and Other Early Works is a much welcome CD of voice-based electronic works spanning the years 1972-1976 from this composer who got his start with Vladimir Ussachevsky at Columbia in the ’50s and went on to be influenced by New York minimalists in the ’60s. The eight-and-a-half minutes of “Cortez” offer vast, shimmering fabrics composed entirely of many layers of the treated voice of Snee McCaig reciting his chilling poem of the same name: “Whenever the world is supposed to end, it does / within a month and a day of the end the Aztecs were expecting, came Cortez / white flowers blossoming in each cold spring wind, bends their heads.” An eerie, otherwordly effect of transcendent forehead hover is constantly maintained, complimenting the words perfectly.

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